Take A Tour!

Part 1/5: Create a Profile

It just takes a few minutes to set up a profile on Share A Talent. Upload a picture, choose your talent(s), and write a quick profile.

Part 2/5: Add Your Talent

Once you have registered, adding your talent or talents takes seconds. Navigate to the "My Talents" tab and use our search boxes to find your talent and save it!

If you can't find your talent in our system, don't worry! You can suggest a talent and we'll add it fast if it fits in our genre of talents.

Part 3/5: Find People with Your Talent

After you save your talent you can start connecting with other people with the same talent! You're not limited to connecting people with just your talent, though. You can connect with people of any talent using our search features.

Part 4/5: Join or Create a Group

Are you a part of a group, want to connect with a group, or even want to make a new group? No problem! With Share A Talent you can create or join a group of people with a passion for a talent.

Part 5/5: Create a Child Account

Want to create an account for your child but are concerned about their privacy? We have you covered. You can create a child account, shut it down, and monitor all correspondence with the child.