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About ShareATalent

ShareATalent is a new way of connecting people with similar talents and passions. Got a talent and want to publicize it? Want to have followers for your talent? Want to capitalize your talent? Are you looking for a professional mentor or trainer to enrich your or loved one’s talent? Want to connect with like minded people with similar talents as you? ShareATalent can do all these and much more.

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Who can be on ShareATalent?

Anybody with or without a talent can register in our website. Parents can register for their kids to share talent with other kids and to find other kids with similar talents as your kids.

When can I get on ShareATalent?

Right now!

How can I get on ShareATalent?

It is very simple. Download an APP from itunes or Google Store or register using the below link.


How can ShareATalent help my business?

Business owners can register and become premium members of ShareATalent. Promotions related to a particular talent can be disseminated through our website. For more information please contact us at

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our mission, give us suggestions for new features and functions, or to just say hello!