Getting Started

If you’re new to Share a Talent, welcome! We’re excited you want to be a part of our community!

There are a few things you need to do to get the most out of this site. Mostly, you need to set up your profile, so here’s where to start:

1. Add your talents!

On your profile page, click  My Talents. Select your primary talent and any other talents you want to let people know about. The primary talent you select is what Share A Talent uses to find local friends who share the same talent.

2. Add your location!

On your profile page, Profile->Edit and add your Zip Code.  You can only add your Zip Code. Never give your exact address away to people! Let your parent/guardian connect with people and set those kinds of meetings up.

3. Add your picture

On your profile page, go to Profile->Change Avatar and upload your pic! You can also add photos and videos of you performing your talent in the Media tab. Always be smart about what you’re posting! Don’t tell people where you live!

For Parents!

You can manage your child’s account access and password directly. Go to Profile->Edit and select “Yes” in the “I am a Parent/Guardian” box. Once you save your changes, you will see a menu option that says “Child Account(s)”.

Here you can create your child account(s), and manage passwords, and disable/enable account access with a click.